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什么 Will Replace the WFH Sweatsuit This Summer?


I’d几乎没有人预计2020年夏天会在室内度过,但这仅仅是因为我们’因为 新冠肺炎 大流行没有’t mean we can’t be heckin’ cute 和 cozy doing it. The sweatsuit inarguably became the go-to WFH uniform this past March when most of us who could started to stay home (honourable mention to all things tie dye), but what will replace the comfy matching jogger sets when the hot 和 humid weather hits? We asked 12 chic 加拿大时尚 folks, from designers 和 博主s to musicians 和 writers, to share their summer 2020 work-from-home outfits ideas. Think: roomy caftans, soft 自行车短裤 和 silky layers.

Zai Rajkotwala, owner of Easy Tiger 和 Ease

(照片:Meaghan Harris)

“I feel as though any piece of clothing that feels comfortable, 和 special at the same time, makes for a great WFM outfit. I’选择适合您皮肤的面料-我们最近收到了一些Soft Focus产品 单据 和 robes that will be great for summer at home looks. I also love the brand Deiji 和 recently purchased their O3 Loungewear set that I can’t 等待 to live in. I own their robe, 和 it gets better 和 better with each wear.”

Deiji O3套装,195澳元,


Katia Hanine, 博主 和 communications manager

在家工作的想法:Katia hannine


“My style has always been focused on making me feel comfortable 和 confident, but with a flair. This new WFH situation is really working to my advantage, but comfort equals very *cute* looks, too! I work in the fashion industry, which means I get to be super creative with my outfits 和 I can easily mix street style pieces into my wardrobe. For this summer, my ultimate 在家工作的制服 会围绕舒适旋转 自行车短裤, long, oversized T-shirts 和 feminine gold jewellery like necklaces 和 。最完美的聚会在顶部,最舒适的聚会在底部。”


Tna 大气短裤7″自行车短裤,38美元,

正面文字衬衫,$ 11.90,


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Ellie Mae Waters, creative director 和 founder of Ellie Mae Studios

在家工作的想法:ellie mae


“The sweatpants party is over (RIP) 和 it’s time for no pants in the form of our Hilda caftan. Inspired by what my grandma used to wear in the kitchen, it’s the kind of effortless summertime piece that works just as well for morning coffee runs, road trips to the cottage or after-work cocktails as it does for WFH。另外,正面的精致花朵饰边为所有Zoom装扮带来了一件漂亮的上衣的错觉。”

Ellie Mae Hilda Kaftan,285美元,




“我不认识您,但过去几周我一直在互联网上搜寻 可爱的运动服 和…it is bleak. I guess everyone got the memo that hoodies 和 matching sweats were the move. Thankfully, hot days are approaching so we can move onto our next WFH look! I think it’ll still be geared towards cozy, casual vibes but swap sweatpants for high-waisted, stretchy cotton shorts 和 sweatshirts for a matching top with a fun flair. I wanna be comfy but I also wanna feel cute.”

环法自行车赛Tomate,62美元, and El Tigre Chiquito L / S作物顶部Tomate,75美元,

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莱斯利·汉普顿, artist 和 时装设计师

在家工作的想法:莱斯利·汉普顿(Lesley Hampton)


“I think the WFH sweatsuit style is here to stay, except with a focus on supporting brands 和 pieces that have community impact. We have all fallen in love with a looser fit 和 focus on comfort since entering 隔离,因此我可以看到这种情况一直持续到夏季及以后。在今年春天,我与社会保持距离时要去做的是Urban Native Era,这是一家土著人拥有的公司,该公司通过时尚传播对土著问题的认识(就像我们的品牌Lesley Hampton一样!)。与土著人民’的一天是6月21日,’我很高兴获得更多支持他们的产品。”

(编辑’s note: 莱斯利·汉普顿 还将在2020初夏发布运动休闲系列。敬请期待!)



Nabra Badr, freelance photographer 和 beauty writer 

在家工作的想法:Nabra Badr

(照片:贝里图·艾哈迈德(Beritu Ahmed)

“My WFH outfit can be best described as business on the top 和 party on the bottom! For the warmer months I’m loving the idea of basketball shorts or sweat shorts with some sort of fitted top. I’ve been loving athleisure as of late but pairing it with a more fitted top, like this one-shoulder number from Aritzia, makes me feel more put together at home.” 

Babaton Sculpt针织单肩上衣,58美元,

Champion Reverse Weave抽绳短裤,54美元,

海莉·艾尔莎瑟(Hayley Elsaesser), 时装设计师

在家工作的想法:Hayley Elsaesser

(照片:Hayley Elsaesser)

我们不穿的加拿大人’不要浪费夏天的任何时光,所以我认为夏天’将要穿着典型的WFH运动服并加以改进。我可以看到布景持续片刻,因为它们’重新超级轻松舒适,同时又感觉放在一起。一世’我在想更多的运动服面料,以及在高温下更适合工作的短裤和T恤,当然还有印花,因为’s summer so it’终于是他们发光的时候了!


薄荷豹纹紧身裤,$ 88,

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Mackenzie Yeates, co-founder 和 Chief Brand Officer Kotn

在家工作的想法:Mackenzie Yeates

(照片:Mackenzie Yeates)

“新的夏季运动服将要具有层次感和多功能性。对我来说,这意味着一件贴身的背心和自行车短裤,顶部是运动衫。我想在上面穿一些有趣的图案,以表达个性和欢呼,我的首选是我们的Kotn Take Care运动衫!一些金箍为您的Zoom通话增添了些许火花。这套衣服适合坐在您的计算机上,中午参加一些瑜伽运动,晚餐前带您的狗出去散步。我可能正在摆脱运动裤,但是胸罩肯定仍然不在桌子上。”

保暖运动衫,$ 80,


黑色高领背心,$ 25,

Moss高腰自行车短裤, 48美元,

船员袜,12美元, 和 Veja Sneakers, $200,


英格丽·威廉姆斯(Ingrie Williams),时尚作家&The T-Zone的联合创始人

在家工作的想法:Ingrie Williams

(照片:Alvaro Goveia)

“我预计长袍销售量或如我所称的日间睡袍将有强劲增长。除了在炎热的天气里最冷酷的一劳永逸衣服外,还有’在无忧无虑的打印上滑到宽敞的轮廓上时,本来就有些空谈,而我需要通过壁橱过分地生活!如果我能’不能逃脱,我至少可以看看这部分。另外,从功能上讲,我在WFH时没有被拉链拉紧的束缚,也没有将我的后腿贴在椅子上的感觉。那’在这里,大多数短裤都有两次打击!一世’我们已经从最新的Uniqlo x Marimekko合作产品中挖出了一块新的长袜。它’均衡的亚麻棉混纺,’轻巧但不令人讨厌的纯粹,超大版画满足了我怪异的灵魂。”

Uniqlo x Marimekko棉质V领半袖连衣裙,$ 59.90,

时装设计师Joelle Litt

在家工作的想法:Joelle Litt

(照片:Dave Mussio)

“我梦想中的夏季WFH服装从我爱上的一件作品开始。这是中性色调的全长丝绸和亚麻长袍。是老式的没有人拥有它。 (向我个人最喜欢的二表亲年份大喊。我的建议:找到您的古董店。与他们建立关系。如果他们没有您想要的东西,让他们知道您想要的东西。他们很高兴找到它。)无论如何,回到我梦dream以求的长袍。这是一件很容易搭配的东西,而且*感觉很好。*但是,我完全是纯粹的,所以我’d layer it over a swimsuit. For the past few years I’ve only worn swimwear by Minnow, which double as tops on hot days, are the perfect under-layer for see-through garments, come in the best prints, are super comfy, have classic lines 和 look amazing on all body types. Did I mention they’re super comfy? 

But I’m not down to wear a swimsuit 和 robe all day IRL. I’m a pants girl. So I’ll add a pair of really old soft oversized 牛仔裤. As a necessary finishing touch, a splash of Harlow, the best all-natural self-care brand based in 温哥华, on my cheeks 和 lips. (And not just because it’s by my very very cool GF; Harlow’s badass 打包 可持续发展。)画龙点睛:适合男士的Harlow润唇膏 干手 从所有的洗手。”

二表亲年份 Embroidered Silk 和 Linen Dress, $350,

郁金香上衣,88美元, 和 Posy Bottoms,86美元,

和 脸颊+唇彩捏 $22, 

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歌手Alex Porat 

在家工作的想法:Alex Porat



Day Rolling Stones扎染之旅T恤连衣裙, $64,


Sam Focus Smith,Soft Focus的设计师/创始人

在家工作的想法:Sammi Smith

(照片:Sammi Smith)


对于夏天,我认为令人满意“one-and-done”轻质面料的外观将继续。对于Soft Focus,夏天是关于我们的内在事物–协调的Cami +公仔套装,您可以在所有物品下穿着,也可以在房子里闲逛。我们还推出了一种新型Fluted Slip连衣裙,当温度升高时我将住在其中。伟大的项目,你可以穿上去!”


(照片:Vai Yu Law)

吊带+公文包 牛奶,$ 118,


(照片:Vai Yu Law)

连衣裙 吐司面包,180美元,